Four best compressor pedals for electric guitars

Standout compressors for your next stompbox squeeze.

Boss CS-1

If you are looking to add a compressor to your rig, there’s no shortage of options, from the cheap and cheerful to pro-level units. Any one of this quartet would be a sound choice for your latest stompbox squeeze.

Xotic SP Compressor £130

Xotic Sp Compressor All About

A quality tone shaper, the tiny SP is a great all-rounder with full-sounding vintage tones and impressive clarity. We’re seeing more and more of these on pro boards, and with the small footprint and stellar performance that’s not at all surprising.

Boss CS-3 £59

Boss CS-3 All About

The CS-3 is the latest in the company’s series of solid, affordable sustain/compression pedals. It’s capable of normalising your loudness while also providing smooth sustain.


MXR M102 Dyna Comp £70

MXR M102 Dyna Comp All About

One of the most popular compressors in history, the internals of these affordable stompers are frequently modded to make them even more flexible. New units are fairly inexpensive, while the vintage boxes can fetch a higher price.

Keeley Compressor £199

Keeley Compressor All About

If you can’t find a vintage Ross pedal, or if you don’t want to pay the often-terrifying prices they command, Robert Keeley’s two-knob unit is a pro-level industry standard that some argue is even better.

To find out more about compression and how it works in a guitar setup, check out our guide on the effect here.