Wampler's Ratsbane

Wampler announces the Ratsbane, a mini take on a classic distortion

Are regular RATs too big for your 'board?
Pedals of 2021

The biggest names in effects tell us what they have planned for 2021

With 2021 likely to be another strange year for many of us, we caught up with the great and the good of the effects world.
Pedals of 2021

How the pedal industry has thrived in 2020

Despite everything else that’s been going on in the world, effects pedal builders have been seeing record sales and huge successes during the pandemic – here’s how they did it.

Boutique effects brands partner with Reverb to release exclusive ‘Blacked Out’ pedals

After teasing social media with the #blackedxout hashtag all week, brands including JHS, Zvex, Walrus, Meris and more drop black-on-black pedals through Reverb for Black Friday.
Wampler Terraform

Wampler reshapes the modulation pedal with the Terraform

This could be the last modulation pedal you buy…
Wampler Spooky Tumnus

Wampler’s Tumnus Deluxe gets a Spooky makeover

The pedal features the same boutique overdrive circuitry in a black and orange enclosure.
wampler terraform

Interview: Brian Wampler on why his new Terraform pedal is a step into a...

Before NAMM 2019, we spoke to effects guru Brian Wampler about the company’s new Terraform multi-modulation pedal, his plans for the future, and why he’s never happy…
Abasi Pathos

Animals as Leaders’ Tosin Abasi, Wampler team up on Abasi Pathos

This is not your everyday dirtbox.


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