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Queen’s 20 greatest guitar moments, ranked

Queen’s popularity only seems to grow as new generations discover their bountiful catalogue. The unmistakable sound of the band was defined by the partnership of Freddie Mercury’s superhuman voice and Brian May’s proclivity for producing some of the most spellbinding and melodic guitar solos the world has ever heard.

The Clash’s 20 greatest guitar moments, ranked

The Clash were one of the most influential bands in the first wave of punk, but were also one of the most experimental, embracing a wealth of new sounds and genres and making their guitar highlights a diverse but compelling collection.

Watch: Get the most out of your overdrive pedal with the help of the BOSS SD-1

Overdrive is the most common and beloved guitar effect, but do you really know what all those knobs do? We’ll show you how with the help of an all-time classic pedal, BOSS’s SD-1 Super Overdrive

The Guitarist’s Guide To Grunge: Essential bands, gear and players

It’s been three decades since grunge cracked the mainstream, but it remains one of the most important moments in the history of guitar music. In a new series, we examine the important bands, gear and players from this remarkable movement.