Benson Amps launches versatile preamp stompbox

The Benson Preamp can be used as an EQ, drive unit, boost or buffer.

First impressions matter, which is why Benson Amp’s first foray into the world of pedals is designed to impress. The Benson Preamp takes all the good stuff from the boutique maker’s lauded Chimera tube amp and packs it into a versatile and usable stompbox.

Instead of tubes, the Benson Preamp uses FET transistors to yield ‘amp-like’ boost, overdrive, fuzz, EQ and buffer features—in just one pedal. You only have four controls to play with: “Volume,” “Drive,” “Bass” and “Treble.” But that’s pretty much all the tone-shaping you need, as the unit is built to work across all manner of rigs.

The Benson Preamp retails for $249. For more information, check out