Darkglass Electronics rolls out the Hyper Luminal

This sleek compressor combines the best of digital and analog worlds.

Darkglass Electronics has introduced the Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor, which is touted to digitally model classic compressors while still using an analog signal path.

Essentially, it’s an analog VCA comp, with a digital side-chain that’s able to recreate the effects of other classic compressors. There are currently three models onboard the Hyper Luminal:

  • “Bus,” modeled after the Solid State Logic Bus Compressor
  • “Fet,” modeled after the UA 1176N
  • “Sym,” modeled after Darkglass’ discontinued Super Symmetry 115 GeV Compressor

These modes are accessible via a touch sensor on the pedal’s faceplate. Right next to it is a similar sensor that governs the compression ratio.

Elsewhere, the Hyper Luminal features four knobs to control other compression elements; ”Blend,” “Time,” “Output” and “Compression.”

Check out the brand’s quick demo here:

Retails for $229.95. More information at darkglass.com.

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