Dunable, Chicago Music Exchange collaborate on new drive pedal

Behold the SplatterBlaster, a two-in-one distortion/fuzz stompbox.

Chicago Music Exchange has teamed up with custom guitar brand Dunable to present the SplatterBlaster, a limited-edition two-in-one distortion/fuzz pedal.

The all-analog stompbox has two channels: Splatter and Blast, respectively a fuzz and distortion. According to Chicago Music Exchange, the channels can be used together or separately to produce a variety of tones—anything from death metal to shoegaze to David Gilmour’s thick solos.

Splatter is based on the legendary Super-Fuzz, with an added “Boost” knob, while Blast is modeled on the Boss HM-2. Both channels can either run in parallel into a single output or split into stereo. With a “Mix” control, you can also set the blend between both channels or, if only one is engaged, dial in some of your clean signal.

As Chicago Music Exchange sums up, “In addition to being the most brutal-sounding pedal ever made, this pedal is also one of the most unique.”

Check out the SplatterBlaster in action here:

The SplatterBlaster retails for $299, and will ship in November. More information at chicagomusicexchange.com.


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