Boutique effects brands partner with Reverb to release exclusive ‘Blacked Out’ pedals

After teasing social media with the #blackedxout hashtag all week, brands including JHS, Zvex, Walrus, Meris and more drop black-on-black pedals through Reverb for Black Friday.

Dunable reveals the three-in-one Eidolon pedal

Dunable has announced the Eidolon, a pedal that includes a clean boost, digital delay and reverb all inside one compact enclosure.

Review: Dunable Cyclops

From California maker Dunable comes a one-pickup guitar with, er, two pickups… and a visual banquet of natural timbers. Is this the ultimate high-class rock axe?

Dunable, Chicago Music Exchange collaborate on new drive pedal

Behold the SplatterBlaster, a two-in-one distortion/fuzz stompbox.