Billy Gibbons gets new Wild Customs signature with a rotating pickup system

The ZZ Top guitarist said in a statement: “WoooooooWeeeeee…!”

Wild Custom Billy Gibbons

Wild Customs has introduced The Billy F Gibbons Special, a signature model for the ZZ Top guitarist. The instrument features the unique Gyrock pickup system, which uses a barrel to rotate between a set of pickups.

The guitar features a design inspired by Gibbons’ latest Hotrodded car, a ‘34 Ford Coupe nicknamed Whiskey Runner. By default, the guitar comes loaded with a custom pickup set: Billy Gibbon’s signature pickup from Seymour Duncan, the Pearly Gates and the Red Devil, alongside Wild Custom’s own Humbucker wound for Gibbons called The Grizzly.

Other construction points include a bolt-on three-piece Canadian maple neck, topped with a pau ferro fretboard with a 10-16-inch radius and 22 medium jumbo frets. The guitar sports a 25.5-inch scale, as well as an East European alder body that’s been chambered with a honeycomb structure.

Billy Gibbons himself said in a rather brief statement about the guitar: “Now to get down to thrashing on this thing…! WoooooooWeeeeee…!”

Wild Customs are also offering the “Billy F Gibbons Starter Pack” of pickups to get your sound started. This pack includes Wild Customs’ humbucker, ‘The Grizzly’, and’ P90,‘The Jalapeño’, as well as Seymour Duncan’s, Pearly Gates BFG signature, Red Devil BFG signature, Lipstick Tube and the Antiquity Strat Texas Hot.

The guitar lists for $9999. Find out more at


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