Blackstar collaborates with Audio Pro on a special edition of the Drumfire HiFi system

The Drumfire Blackstar Edition aims to recreate the impact of a live gig at home.

Audio Pro Drumfire Blackstar Edition

Image: Blackstar

Guitar amp manufacturer Blackstar has teamed up with Swedish speaker makers Audio Pro for a special Blackstar edition of its Drumfire home HiFi system.

The guitar amplifier brand hopes to bring some of the magic of live music to home listening systems. Founder Ian Robinson said in a statement: “When you go to see a live band there’s an anticipation of the experience, the excitement of live sound. We wanted to have a speaker for the home that would create the same expectation and enjoyment. The Drumfire Blackstar Edition is a statement that you’re serious about music.”

Paul Hayhoe, Blackstar founder and brand director, added: “At Blackstar we are all
passionate about creating and listening to music, getting ‘the sound in your head’. Nothing else looks like a Drumfire and nothing else has the room-filling power and clarity of a Drumfire.”

The collaboration is an apt one, as the Drumfire is already made to resemble a high-end guitar amplifier stack. Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, added in a statement: “We think the connection between Blackstar and Drumfire is solid. The feedback we have received from consumers on Drumfire so far is that it delivers a massive, rocking sound that no other multi-room speaker is able to.

“Still, Drumfire is very affordable with a relatively small footprint. It feels like attending a rock concert right there in your home when playing the Drumfire. And as Blackstar wants to create a connection between stage and home, it certainly feels like the right choice of product to achieve it with.”

The construction of the unit is similar to the standard Drumfire, with the ‘amp head’ acting as the control unit and the speaker cabinet housing its drivers. There is a control panel atop the unit, with more detailed controls and I/O on the back of the unit.

The Drumfire Blackstar Edition lists for 7,000 KR. Find out more at


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