Blackstar launches a combo edition of the JJN-20R MkII

The amp previously came as a mini-stack.

Blackstar has launched a version of Jared James Nichols‘ signature JJN-20R MkII amplifier.

Like its mini-stack sibling, the JJN-20RH MkII, this amp is a stripped-back 20-watt tube amplifier. It’s driven by two EL84 power tubes and a single ECC83 preamp tube, with both clean and an overdriven channel, each of which has a footswitchable voicing. Instead of the 2×12 cabinet, however, the combo features a single Celestion G12T-75 speaker.

The overdrive channel sports what’s dubbed the ‘Bluespower’ voicing (named after the custom plate below the bridge on Jared’s signature Epiphone), as well as a three-band EQ and Blackstar’s patented ISF control. The amp also comes with a power reduction button that takes it down to two watts, and an in-built reverb for some extra ambience.


You still get all of the comprehensive I/O options that came with the original head, including a footswitch input, an effects loop, a USB audio out and an XLR DI out.

We spoke to the man himself back at NAMM 2020, where he played for us through the stack version of the JJN-20RH MkII. Take a look at that here.

The amp lists for $729. Find out more over at For more gear news, click here.