Boss launches the Waza-Air Bass, a low-end focused version of its wireless amp headphone system

The system allows for a simulated “amp in room” tone and feeling.

Boss has released a new version of its Waza-Air wireless amplification system, aimed this time at bass players looking to practice silently on the move or at home.

The Waza-Air Bass takes the same approach as the original guitar-focused set. It’s a pair of headphones and a wireless guitar jack. The modelled amplified bass sounds are placed in a virtual 3D environment or, if you prefer, can stay static.

Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to stream music straight to the headphones. The accompanying control app also builds in some practice functionality such as a metronome.


Boss notes that there’s now an added appeal to the form factor when compared to using a home practice amp for bass guitar – saying that “Practicing bass at home through an amp can be problematic because low frequencies can travel through walls and disturb others. Using headphones is often a necessary solution, but the sound lacks the depth of the in-room experience.

“Waza-Air Bass changes that, restoring the natural dimension, resonance, and “moving air” feel that’s lost with traditional phones. An integrated gyro sensor tracks head movements as the user plays, driving sophisticated 3D algorithms that produce an immersive sound field with extraordinary spatial realism.”

See Boss’ introductory video below.

Alongside the introduction of the Waza-Air Bass comes the CB-WZ-AIR case, which provides fitted foam carrying for either the standard or the new bass Waza-Air headphones and accessories.

The Waza-Air Bass Wireless Personal Amplification System will launch in November for $449.99, while the CB-WZ-AIR will launch in September for $29.99. Find out more at