Charvel debuts the limited-edition Henrik Danhage Signature, the Pro-Mod So-Cal HS FR M

The release combines the ‘classic’ Charvel feel, alongside the Evergrey guitarist’s ‘no-rules approach to playing’.

Today marks the launch of the brand new signature guitar for Swedish progressive heavy metal player, Henrik Danhage. His first Signature release, the heavily relic’d Pro-Mod So-Cal HS FR M combines a Seymour Duncan humbucker, DiMarzio single-coil neck pickup and a top-mount Floyd Rose to deliver the same battering riffs that Evergrey has captured for nearly two decades.

Most renowned for the brazen riffs and blistering approach to progressive metal he captures in his band, Evergrey, the most recent release by Charvel embodies the signature approach Henrik Danhage has maintained throughout his forty years of playing – “if it sounds and feels good, do it twice.”

Filled to the brim with high-performance features, the model incorporates the So-Cal Style 1 ash body, paired with a bolt-on maple neck and graphite reinforcement rods; allowing for unmatched support against bending and extreme environmental fluctuations.

Combining Danhage’s preferred 22 jumbo frets and 12”-16” compound radius maple fingerboard, the comfortable rolled edges of the fretboard provides an ideal surface for clean chords and outlandish riffs, while a heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel enables quick and easy neck relief tweaks.

Receiving his first-ever guitar at just nine years old, a press release described how the musician felt whilst sitting with his very own Signature model, four decades after he began playing. Here, Charvel state that with the Pro-Mod So-Cal HS FR M, Danhage aimed to design a guitar that “allows players around the world to find their own voice, in the way that he found his.”

Further details of the signature model include a Seymour Duncan JB™ TB-4 bridge pickup, a high-output humbucker designed to encapsulate those unabashed heavy metal tones, the DiMarzio Area 67™ DP419CR single-coil neck pickup, ideal for capturing those crisp clean notes, and the single white Strat-style skirt volume knob (labelled as “Tone”) which allows for easy switches between the bridge and neck pickups using a push/push selector.

Henrik Danhage's New Signature Charvel
Image: Charvel

Available now for $1,699.99, the body, neck and fingerboard of the Pro-Mod So-Cal HS FR M comes heavily reliced and promises to offer “the ‘classic’ Charvel feel that players know and love”. In addition, the incorporation of a Floyd Rose 1000 Series double-locking tremolo bridge system seeks to keep the guitar in tune… even whilst enduring countless dive bombs.

The Henrik Danhage Limited Edition Signature Pro-Mod So-Cal HS FR M is available now.
For more information on the Signature model, visit Charvel.

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