Fender launches two new guitar pedals for 2021: the Duel Pugilist and the Dual Marine Layer

Both are doubled-up takes on previously-released Fender Pedals.

Fender has released a veritable boatload of new gear for summer 2021, including two new guitar pedals, both updated, doubled-up versions of existing pedals the Pugilist distortion and Marine Layer reverb.

Duel Pugilist

Fender Duel Pugilist

Appropriately swapping out Dual for Duel here is the Duel Pugilist, a punchy double distortion pedal that features the same distortion voicings as the original but with three new combination modes: Series, Mute and Parallel. Series stacks the two distortions as you would with two separate pedals, while Parallel allows for the blending of two different distortion sounds or a clean sound with a distorted sound. Mute lets you use one distortion to create your main tone then layer the second on top.

The pedal also adds a two-band master shelving EQ to tame flubbing bass or shrill highs.


Lists for $229.99 / £179.99 / €199.99.

Dual Marine Layer Reverb

Fender Dual Marine Layer

The Dual Marine Layer features two independent footswitchable settings, as well as three unique reverb algorithms. There’s also a sustain switch to generate “massive atmospheric creations”. The double-footswitch function switches between two sets of controls for damping, time, modulation and level. The sustain switch is a footswitch, allowing you to hold soundscapes indefinitely and hands-free.

Lists for $229.99, £194.99, €219.99.