Fredric Effects announces the Blue Monarch overdrive

Its own take on a Bluesbreaker-style overdrive pedal.

Fredric Effects has launched the Blue Monarch overdrive pedal, the manufacturer’s take on the Bluesbreaker style of overdrive pedal.

The Blue Monarch also features the same mods implemented for the notoriously-hard-to-come-by Analogman King Of Tone version of the Bluesbreaker overdrive, with a redesigned layout so all four controls (gain, volume, tone and treble boost) are external. The DIP switch of the original has also been replaced with a toggle switch, managing the clipping mode.

For some extra oomph, there’s also a switchable boost stage, as the brand was “never quite happy with the overall volume of the BB/KoT.” The gain on tap has been increased as well.


Check out our interview with Tim Webster of Fredric Effects here.

The pedal lists for £125 – find out more at