Harley Benton’s new MiniStomp range covers all your effects bases for less than £30 a pedal

The affordable, compact pedals range from modulation and distortion to utilities such as DIs and cabinet sims.

Harley Benton Mini Stomps

Images: Harley Benton

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Harley Benton has unveiled a new extensive range of affordable, compact effects units, dubbed the MiniStomp range. The pedals cover everything from classic distortion and overdrive circuits to more utilitarian units such as DI boxes.

The full range of new effects from Harley Benton is as follows:

  • The Sucker Punch, a high-gain metal distortion
  • The Fast Lane, an old-school flanger effect inspired by the tones of the Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
  • The Hot Mod, an 11-mode multi-effects pedal with a host of modulation options on board. These include: two choruses, two flangers, two phasers, a vibrato, uni-vibe, optical and standard tremolo and an analogue filter.
  • The Spinner, a three-mode modulation pedal with phaser, vibrato and chorus sounds onboard.
  • The MicroCAB, an 11-mode cabinet simulation pedal with a wide range of speaker and cab options.
  • The Shaft, an auto-wah/envelope filter with three operation modes.
  • The Magnum DI, a small DI box that offers an unbalanced quarter-inch out, a balanced XLR out, switchable cabinet simulation, +/- 20dB input gain and a ground lift switch.
  • The Phone Home, a small headphone amplifier with a single volume control and both quarter- and eighth-inch ins and outs.
  • The Deep, a five-band graphic equaliser voiced for bass guitars, with bands ranging from 62.5Hz to 4KHz.
  • The Intersection, a small ABY box.
  • The Troubadour, an acoustic simulator for electric guitars.
  • The 5-band, a five-band EQ with bands ranging from 100Hz to 4KHz.
  • The Green Tint, a TS-style overdrive with an added boost mode.
  • The Silly Fuzz, a take on the classic silicon Fuzzface circuit.
  • The Heat, an overdrive pedal based on the sound of a cranked tube amplifier.
  • The Dealbreaker, a take on the classic Marshall bluesbreaker.
  • The Drop Kick, a modern-voiced distortion pedal
  • The Rodent, a take on the ProCo Rat with three variations on the circuit.
  • The Dr D, a take on the overdrive sound of a Dumble amplifier.
  • The Fuzzy Logic, a take on the classic germanium Fuzzface.
  • The Plexicon, an overdrive based on the sounds of a 100-watt Marshall Plexi.
  • The True Grit, a take on the sound of an old-school combo amp’s overdrive
  • The Alien Signal, a bitcrusher with high- and low-pass filter modes.
  • The Edgy, a digital delay pedal.
  • The Copy Paste, a minimalist one-knob looper pedal.
  • The Deep Blue, a digital reverb.

All of the MiniStomp pedals are true bypass, and list for under £30 except the Copy Paste, which lists for £41. Browse the range at thomann.de.

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