JHS Pedals pays homage to historical circuits with Legends Of Fuzz Series

The series is JHS’ tribute to “the most important fuzz circuits ever made.”

Image: JHS

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JHS Pedals has unveiled the Legends Of Fuzz series – a lineup of four fuzz pedals, inspired by the fuzz effect’s deep standing in rock ’n’ roll history; and a tribute to what the company deems: “the most important fuzz circuits ever made.”

Speaking on the series, JHS Pedals founder Josh Heath Scott said: “The Legends Of Fuzz is my way of taking these rare, expensive and really hard to find circuits that many people will never find, or have access to and put it right in their hands.”

Each pedal in the series comes in a wedge enclosure – reminiscent of pedals found in the 60s and 70s. Additionally, they come with back-mounted vintage-knobs; a special JHS Mode button with a special feature, specific to each pedal; and for the first time in a JHS pedal, a battery clip. Take a look above for JHS’ video overview of the series.


JHS legends of fuzz bender
Image: JHS Pedals

The Bender is a callback to the 60s introduced Sola Sound Tone Bender – specifically referencing a 1973 MK3 Silver/Orange “Onomatopoeia” version in Scott’s possession. The Bender sports three germanium transistors that bring the “touch, feel and response” of the original; while also incorporating some modern silicon-transistor-style accuracy. This model’s special JHS Mode boosts its gain and mid frequencies, giving you a quick way to cut through a mix.


JHS legends of fuzz crimson
Image: JHS Pedals

“This is the very first Russian-made Big Muff ever produced and possibly the rarest of all time,” wrote JHS on Sovtek’s Mike Matthews Red Army Overdrive; the inspiration behind the Crimson.

The sonic characteristics of the original, when compared to other Soviet Big Muffs, are said to be warmer, clearer and more defined. This is reflected in JHS’ Crimson, which is said to be an exact replica of Scott’s own Red Army OD. On this pedal, the special JHS Mode adds an extra boost to mid frequencies – which could be used to achieve fuzzy, soaring leads.


JHS legends of fuzz smiley
Image: JHS Pedals

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, the Smiley is an ode to Ivor Arbiter’s legendary Fuzz Face pedal – the very same wielded by Jimi Hendrix as his fuzz of choice. This faithful adaptation replicates the silicon-era Fuzz Faces, carrying the behaviours and tones of the original. It even cleans up as the guitar’s volume control is rolled back. On the Smiley, the JHS Mode switch puts a spin on the original’s fuzz tones, send them into high-gain/gated-fuzz territory.


JHS legends of fuzz supreme
Image: JHS Pedals

Paying homage to Univox’s Super-Fuzz – the Supreme is an octave fuzz pedal that thickens up guitar signals considerably. Described as “an Octavia Fuzz that woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, this pedal is said to be immensely loud and delivers a vibrant fuzz tone that mimics an early 1972 edition of the Super-Fuzz.

Learn more about the Legends Of Fuzz series at jhspedals.info

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