Mattoverse Electronics unveils the Tremstortion

Bold Tremolo-distortion combo in a modest enclosure.


Mattoverse Electronics has released the Tremstortion, which combines analogue tremolo and distortion in a single unit.

Alongside the standard level control, the analogue optical tremolo circuitry provides eight different waveform options: ramp up, ramp down, square, triangle, sine, sweep, random pulse, and random slopes.

A depth control manages the intensity of the chosen wave, while its frequency is governed either by the rate knob, or by a tap-tempo footswitch for more precise control. The pedal’s secondary LED, above the tap-tempo footswitch, pulses in time with the effect. There’s also the option for a 0-5v rate sync input, which will override the other tempo controls.

For the distortion end of things, gain is controlled by a single knob, and ranges from completely clean to a transparent yet palpable crunch. A three-way toggle in the centre allows for the tremolo to act before or after the distortion. The centre position links different parts of the signal chain together for a more unique “inverted” sound.

Rounding out the features are top-mounted jacks for easier introduction into a busy pedalboard.

The Tremstortion lists for $179. More information at


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