Mattoverse revamps the Bad Passenger Fuzz with a MkII version

One knob, one toggle, straightforward fuzz tones.

Mattoverse has reintroduced its single-knob fuzz pedal in a new version, with the Bad Passenger Fuzz MkII.

The unit, aside from its one knob, has a single toggle switch to choose between a brighter, more open sound and a darker, more compressed sound. At both settings, however, the pedal promises high levels of fuzzy distortion – even more so than its predecessor, thanks to the newly designed set of cascading transistor and op-amp gain stages.

The single knob only controls the output volume – you can tame the gain with your volume knob – with enough output to blend the fuzz tone with a driven preamp section. New for MkII of the pedal is a redesigned output section, which offers the full amount of gain independently of the volume level.


Hear it in action with the official demo below.


The pedal is true-bypass and has top-mounted jacks for easy pedalboard organisation, and lists for an affordable $99. Find out more over at

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