Wampler announces new multi-delay, The Metaverse

Featuring eleven hand selected delays from Brian Wampler's personal favourites.

Wampler has announced the release of a new powerhouse multi-delay pedal, The Metaverse.

Combing eleven of Brian Wampler’s all-time favourite delays, The Metaverse has been coined a “full-featured, small footprint stomp box that is fully programmable, pre-set capable, true stereo, full MIDI control and has an expression input that you can assign to ANY of the parameters,” according to the manufacturer.

The Metaverse follows on from the Terraform, which also featured eleven custom designed effects. Just like its predecessor, The Metaverse is feature packed, and allows the user to navigate the delay world without endless menus on a tiny display.


The primary rotary controller on the pedal selects between the eleven delays, while the five common parameter controls adjust the setting for each of the different algorithms. If the left footswitch is held down the user can access alternate parameters for certain delays which can be saved as pre-sets. The pedal boasts eight onboard pre-sets, and 128 total via MIDI.

The eleven delays are as follows:

ANLG – Analogue Style Delay
WET – Modulated Analogue Delay
BBD – Bucket Brigade Delay
JET – Analogue Flanger Delay
DOC – Wampler ‘The Doctor’
FTE – Wampler ‘Faux Tape Echo’
ETH – Wampler ‘Ethereal’ Delay
MOD – Digital Flanger Delay
SPC – Space Echo Delay
TAPE – Multi-Head Tape Delay
DIGI – Digital Delay

In a statement, Wampler have said that “Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to designing the best and most player-friendly products out there is second to none. Those qualities are on full display within the Metaverse.”

“From its convenient form factor to its flexible controls and full MIDI implementation via mini-TRS jacks, the Metaverse is all Wampler.”

The pedal retails for $349.97. Find out more at WamplerPedals.com.