RPS Effects launches the Arcade Machine pedal

The pedal introduces glitchy, chiptune-inspired sounds to your ’board.

RPS Arcade Machine

Image: RPS Effects

RPS Effects has launched the Arcade Machine, a new analogue-synth and harmoniser pedal that introduces glitchy, chiptune-inspired sounds to the electric guitar’s sonic arsenal.

The Arcade Machine’s analogue wizardry ‘re-synthesises’ guitar signals into square waves, which can be further manipulated through control parameters on the stomper. Up to four octave channels of harmony – two up, and two down – are offered with the pedal, each sporting its own volume control knob.

The Arcade Machine also offers an onboard vibrato section with depth and rate controls to output a plethora of sound options ranging from “subtle pitch variation to full-on glitched-out computer sounds.”

As a result of this analogue approach, the Arcade Machine features low-latency tracking – which lets guitarists dial in sensitivity settings easily with a single knob. Rounding out its features, the Arcade Machine accepts a control voltage (CV) input, meaning it will play nicely with external controllers like EHX’s 8-Step Program sequencer.

While digital offerings – like Boss’ HS-6 and Eventide’s Pitchfactor – are fairly common sights in the realm of guitar harmonisers, the company said that the Arcade Machine is “as far as [they] know, this is the only analogue harmoniser out there that can give all of the intervals in a 12-tone scale.” Take a look below:

The Arcade Machine is available now at $265, learn more about it at rpseffects.com

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