Jolt your guitar signals with the updated Caffeine Booster V2 from Sitek Guitar Electronics

The updated version adds new modes and even more gain.

Poland-based Sitek Guitar Electronics has updated its Caffeine Booster stompbox, adding to the pedal more switching options, tone upgrades, and a brand new enclosure colour.

The original Caffeine Booster was praised for its sparkle and rich tone, and this latest update keeps those core characteristics, but adds more gain and deeper controls for further tone-sculpting.

The tone switch makes alterations to the signal’s low-end which could be used to cater to different pickup types or just personal preference. Meanwhile, the new D/B switch lets you decide between drive and boost modes. Use the former to operate the Caffeine Booster V2 as a crunchy dirt box, or the latter as a more conventional boost.


Kept from the original is also the DualMode footswitch, which lets you operate the pedal on a latching or momentary basis. You can use the latter to highlight specific guitar lines, or to accentuate syncopated attacks with a band. The Caffeine Booster V2 also features straightforward operation, with just two knobs to contend with: level and gain.

See it up close below:

The Caffeine Booster V2 is available now at $165. Learn more or pick one up at

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