TC Electronic launches the Bucket Brigade delay

It’s a fully analogue pedal, as its name implies.

TC Electronic has launched a new analogue delay pedal, the Bucket Brigade. As its name implies, it uses an old-school bucket-brigade chip design to achieve its delay sounds.

The pedal offers some familiar controls for managing the delay – there are knobs to control the delay time, mix, feedback and modulation depth. The modulation is engaged with a small toggle switch in the centre of the enclosure. This enclosure is rather small, as the pedal is part of TC Electronic’s ultra compact range. There are also top-mounted audio jacks for easier placement onto a pedalboard.

TC Electronic’s Paul Robert Scott said about the pedal’s design: “We wanted to craft a high quality wall-to-wall all analog design with the sole purpose of putting an incredibly flexible analog delay in the hands of capable guitarists everywhere. In fact, you can make this pedal sound old-school and fresh at the same time.

“How? Well, Bucket Brigade simply unites the best of the past and the present elegantly in a single stompbox. And I am very happy with how the pedal turned out. Managing to achieve pristine delay lines with deliciously musical degradation and a very controllable feedback, whilst squeezing a staggering 600ms of delay time and tweakable onboard modulation into such a compact box made a real difference.”

Check the pedal out in TC Electronic’s official video below.

The pedal lists for a rather affordable €69. Find out more at tcelectronic.com.

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