Keeley Aria

Announced back at Winter NAMM 2018, the Keeley Aria Compressor Drive is now available for pre-order, before it ships out next week. The pedal combines the brand’s renowned Compressor Plus and Red Dirt Overdrive into one dual-footswitch stompbox.

The compressor/sustainer side comes with “Level,” “Blend,” “Sustain” and “Tone” controls, with the latter behaving almost like a treble boost. Meanwhile, the overdrive section has two modes: one for clean and transparent tones, the other for extra sustain, saturation and focus. “Level,” “Drive” and “Tone” knobs are your standard-issue OD parameters. 

You can also run the compressor and drive sections in series, and change their order via a mini toggle switch.

Watch a demo of it here:


The Aria Compressor Drive lists for $199. For more info, check out