Mooer launches the all-encompassing Preamp Live

This digital preamp comes with a sprawling selection of emulations.

Mooer Preamp Live

Mooer has been particularly busy as of late, releasing three micro preamp pedals last week. Now, it’s back with another launch: the Preamp Live, which it touts as “the ultimate digital preamp modeler for use in a live situation.”

The stompbox-sized Preamp Live can be loaded with up to 12 independent preamp channels, each assigned to one of 50 amp models available on Mooer’s supporting software and mobile apps. From raucous, American-style amps to creamy British ones, the Preamp Live has them all.

Each channel comes with a suite of your typical EQ controls as well as numerous additional features—interesting ones include pre-/post-boost, noise gates, effects loop, MIDI and cab simulation.

Another great feature is the stompbox’s ability to work in tandem with your amp’s own preamp. Its loop effect has an A/B mode that allows you to use both your amp’s analog preamp and the pedal’s emulation. Effectively, you could dial in some Marshall distortion with your Fender amp, or Fender cleans with your Marshall amp.

Finally, Mooer’s Tone Capture mode lets you sample your own amplifier’s preamp to create original digital models of your own.

Listen to the stompbox here:

Lists for $399. More information at


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