Ariel Posen plays intimate gig to celebrate new album, How Long

The intimate gig was performed at Stereobus Recording, Winnipeg to just 25 people

Canadian slide guitar virtuoso Ariel Posen has announced an intimate live performance of his debut album, How Long, recorded at Stereobus Recording in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The performance premieres at 6 EST/11 GMT, October 25.

Ariel Posen announced his debut solo record unto the world back in August 2018 through his single Fade, which we discussed with the man himself in detail here.

The single featured truly exquisite slide guitar playing, beautiful Mayer-esque vocal harmonies and syrupy guitar lines, it was a strong precursor to the rest of his work on How Long. Ariel’s debut reiterated the notion that authentic-sounding blues is more about swagger than speed. The Things That I’ve Said, his sophomore single, quickly followed and showed that he can comfortably make his guitars growl too.


With the his tour in support of the album now nearing it’s end point – he’s currently on tour in Canada before finishing with three shows in Ireland in late November – he chose to perform the album in its entirety to a select group of friends, family and fellow musicians. Inviting just 25 guests to join him at Sterobus, the show is not only a celebration of How Long but also of the history Ariel has with the recording studio. He spent the majority of the 90’s there watching his parents develop their and record their own albums.

You’ll notice that not only is this an incredibly personal and cherished performance, but also that each member of the audience is wearing headphones. Ariel chose to perform in this way to ensure it was a unique studio experience. He explains: “Having everyone on headphones with different mixes let everybody have their own experience with it.” He revealed it also allowed the band to mic up their cabinets in another room in order to get the best sound possible, without deafening anyone.

Accompanied by Heitha Forsyth and Courtney Devon on vocals, Julian Bradford on bass guitar and Cody Iwasiuk on drums, Ariel is again able to perform to the best of his ability to those nearest and dearest to him.

Fittingly, Fade, the first single from Ariel’s debut album, is played last in the running list. Coming full circle to close this chapter on his burgeoning career. We’re eagerly anticipating what’s next to come.

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