Keith Richards says a Rolling Stones hologram show is “bound to happen” at some point

“Do I want it? Now, that’s another thing,” he says, however.

Keith Richards has said that a Rolling Stones hologram show is “bound to happen” whether or not he wants one.

In a new interview with Matt Wilkinson of Apple Music 1, the guitarist addresses the possibility of an ABBA-style digital avatar show, saying: “Well, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. I’m pretty sure that it is bound to happen”.

“Do I want it? Now, that’s another thing,” Richards adds. “But I don’t know if I want to hang around that long enough, man. But at the same time, it won’t be up to me, will it?”

Hologram concerts have become something of a hot-button topic in recent years, and debates on the technology’s possibilities, implications and ethics are rife among fans and artists alike.

In a chat with Apple Music 1 last year, Richards’ bandmate Mick Jagger admitted that technology has opened the door to many possibilities in terms of making sure the Rolling Stones’ legacy lives on.

“Obviously technology is going to give you some of the answers to this, and who knows what technology lies in store down the road?” he said. “We’re already in an AI world of doing this stuff, and you can do a lot of musical stuff with not very complicated computerisation, as well.”

The singer later told The Wall Street Journal that with AI, artists can now “have a posthumous tour.”

“The technology has really moved on since the ABBA thing, which I was supposed to go to, but I missed it.”

In related news, Rolling Stones recently released their 24th studio album Hackney Diamonds. Asked if the record had signalled some kind of end to the band’s career, Richards replied: “I’ve never even come close to thinking of wrapping up the Rolling Stones’ story, so my answer to that is ‘Absolutely not’.”

“It was just a cool way of wrapping up the album and the story so far. We plan to keep on working. I know we’re going to work next year.”

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