Plini thinks it’s “very cool” fans can hear Joe Satriani’s influence on his latest music

“[Satriani will] go for the simplest melody and the phrasing will be absolutely perfect”

Plini / Joe Satriani

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Plini has opened up on his reverence for guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, whose playing has influenced several tunes on the Australian guitarist’s latest album, Impulse Voices.

Speaking to MusicRadar about the Satch-esque staccato parts that feature on the song Perfume, Plini said, “I feel like [Satriani] doesn’t really pick notes, he kinda squeezes them out, juicing his guitar almost like a lemon.

“That’s something I’ve loved about Satch’s playing. He’ll go for the simplest melody and the phrasing will be absolutely perfect,” he said. “The way the note is placed in relation to the beat, always perfectly late or early, his vibrato is always great too.”

Plini added: “He’s been hugely inspirational to me so it’s very cool when I’m told people can hear that in there.”

Elsewhere in his interview, the 28-year-old guitar genius shared that in approaching the song Pan, he attempted to embody Satch in his mind.

“I imagined being bald and wearing sunnies to record all those melodies!” Plini said. “Something I do in a lot of songs is triple-track the main melody, one in the middle and an octave up left and right.

“For a change, this was the one guitar line coming through in the centre and a couple of fuzz pedals with octaves up and down, plus a stereo delay to feel more wide. It ended up being three octaves with fuzz, without fuzz and a shitload of delay and reverb.”

Back in October, Plini made an exclusive appearance at Live where he discussed his guitar playing technique, .strandberg models and his virtual guitar rig with Neural DSP. Watch the full interview below.

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