Joe Satriani

Interview: Joe Satriani

The shred legend on underground reasearch stations, Avocado Sunbursts and seductively out of tune guitars…

How music theory can make you a better guitarist

Modes, scales, arpeggios, triads—they can be a lot to take in. But stick it out and you’ll find music theory will make learning the guitar far easier.

Songwriting 101: Staying inspired

Songwriting Inspiration
How do you keep the passion for writing new tunes burning? Five pro musicians drop tips and tricks on seeking inspiration.

Five reasons to listen to music you don’t like

Vinyl records old
Keeping an open ear and mind can be more valuable than chugging out the same riffs for hours on end.

Interview: Joe Satriani talks Shockwave Supernova

Just who in the world would be mad enough to play instrumental rock guitar music in this day and age? Joe Satriani tells Steve Bailey all about the flamboyant alter ego he created to help him wrestle with a question that’s close to his heart…

Joe Satriani Announces Tour Details

Joe Satriani has just announced his 2015 tour info, read on to check out the dates and venues…

Ranting and Raving: Joe Satriani’s Quest… Pt 2

This interview was originally published in 2010. The latest disc by guitar whiz Joe Satriani, Engines of Creation is both cutting edge and controversial, challenging fans to expand their minds, free their feet, and see the world's most successful rock instrumentalist in an ecstatic new light. In Satriani's world, circa 2000, it's not necessarily how you riff, it's how you rave. And Joe...