Suhr Shiba Reloaded Mini

Suhr has downsized its popular Shiba Drive Reloaded into mini form while keeping the dynamic, tube amp-like overdrive of its bigger sibling.

The only elements missing in the Shiba Drive Reloaded Mini are the lack of an FX Link connector and battery compartment. Besides that, it’s the same renowned pedal, offering an ocean of midrange-boosted, high-sustain drive that’s designed to play well with your guitar’s volume knob.

Even the controls on the Reloaded Mini are identical, if smaller in size. The regular “Drive,” “Level” and “Tone” knobs are self-explanatory, while the “Smooth” mini toggle gives you the option to cut your highs either subtly or dramatically.

The Shiba Drive Reloaded Mini lists for $165. For more info, check out