David Gilmour

The inside story of David Gilmour’s Martin D-35 signature models

How Martin’s Fred Greene made the Pink Floyd legend’s dream guitars a reality.
David Gilmour with his Martin D-35 12 String signature

Martin announces six- and 12-string David Gilmour signature acoustics

Both come with sinker mahogany construction and vintage-Martin-styled binding.
Andy Mooney / Gilmour's 0001 Strat

Fender CEO Andy Mooney: David Gilmour was “never willing” to do a Custom Shop...

The highly collectable instrument was a dream guitar of Mooney’s for some time.
David Gilmour

Listen to Yes, I Have Ghosts, David Gilmour’s first new music in half a...

The song also features vocals and harp playing by Gilmour’s daughter.
David Gilmour

Guitar Legends: David Gilmour, master of sonic sorcery, effects and the skyscraping guitar solo

Spilling the Pink Floyd legend's saucerful of secrets.
David Gilmour and Polly Samson

David Gilmour to release the single Yes I Have Ghosts, his first new music...

It will be premiered in the audiobook of Polly Samson’s A Theatre For Dreamers.
Roger Waters

Roger Waters posts video update regarding dispute with David Gilmour

He also noted he had tried to enter the band into peace talks last year.

Watch David Gilmour cover Syd Barrett from isolation

He ventured into Barrett's solo material in his Von Trapped Family stream
David GIlmour Onstage

David Gilmour plays Leonard Cohen tunes with family on live stream

In celebration of wife Polly Samson’s new book, which includes Leonard Cohen as a character.


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