Sunday, August 25, 2019

Marty Friedman

Interview: Marty Friedman, One Bad M.F.

Marty Friedman
The ex-Megadeth axeman breaks down his latest live album.

In Pictures: Marty Friedman wows at our first international masterclass

Marty Friedman
The One Bad MF tore it up with a dynamic and interactive showcase. Masterclass 2018: Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman Singapore
The guitar legend joins us on our first-ever international event.

Marty Friedman to Sell Guitars, Amps, and More on

The official Marty Friedman Reverb shop will feature gear used on albums and tours since the 1990s… along with some surprises!

Jackson X Series Marty Friedman MF-1 Review & Interview

Former Megadeth man Marty Friedman needs a guitar that’s built to shred, and this affordable Jackson seems to fit the bill. Darran Charles from Godsticks straps in and gets ready to rock, and also speaks to the man himself…

Five reasons to listen to music you don’t like

Vinyl records old
Keeping an open ear and mind can be more valuable than chugging out the same riffs for hours on end.

Six guitar pros on why you shouldn’t obsess over gear

It’s easy to get carried away with GAS. But before you do, take stock of everything, really understand the nuts and bolts, and try to make the most of all you have.

NAMM 2017: Jackson releases new Artist Signature models

New guitars for Phil Collen, Gus G and more.

Marty Friedman—Makes Music for Speeding

This interview was originally published in 2010. Marty Friedman made a mark as one of the foremost shredders of the '80s when he first teamed up with guitarist Jason Becker in Cacophony. He went on to achieve even greater celebrity after joining Megadeth in late 1990, as the group's third lead guitarist. During his ten years with Megadeth, Friedman recorded...

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