Gear Of The Year: Best guitar effects pedal of 2020

These are the best new stompboxes of 2020, featuring Walrus Audio, Danelectro and an electrifying fuzz from Latvia.

Review: Becos CompIQ Twain

If you’ve ever felt like your stompbox compressor didn’t give you enough control, this could be the answer to your prayers and then some.

Review: Becos TS8-MS Overdrive Midi Switcher

Boutique overdrive flavours meet versatile MIDI switching in a diminutive box from the shores of the Black Sea.

“Honey, I shrunk the rack”: Costel Burlan of BecosFX on the magic behind his Stella compressor

We meet Costel Barac, the Romanian pedal guru behind BecosFX to find out how he got into the pedal-building game, how he came up with the Stella and what makes his compressor so special.

Review: Becos CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor

We’ve seen rackmount studio compressors with fewer controls than this little pedal from Romanian maker Becos. Can it possibly sound as ‘pro’ as it looks?

Becos Effects introduces two-knob CompIQ Mini One Pro Compressor

Latest CompIQ addition is a studio-grade compressor with simple controls.

Becos Effects’ CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor features rack-style controls on a stomper

Provides a range of functions including compression and harmonic distortion.