Watch: Arielle rocks her Brian May Guitars artist model in new song Inside &...

The single is the second from her upcoming Analog Girl In A Digital World.

My Guitar Story: Arielle’s new Brian May Guitars signature model

It's the first time the brand has branched out and offered signature models to other artists
Eric Johnson demoing the BMG Arielle

Brian May and Eric Johnson demo the new BMG Arielle signature

The two guitarists take two different approaches.

Watch Arielle debut her new Brian May Guitars signature in video for Peace Of...

The guitar is the first signature model for another artist by Brian May’s guitar brand.

Brian May Guitars announces signature guitar for Arielle

It’s the first non-Red Special model offered by the brand.

Bra-hemian Rhapsody: Queen’s Brian May has designed a sports bra

Along with some other BMG-adorned apparel.
Arielle with prototype Brian May guitar

Brian May Guitars announces signature model for Arielle

Two Tone’ was first conceived by the Texan singer-songwriter in 2015.

Hitmakers: Brian May Red Special

A closer look at the guitar the Queen guitarist lovingly calls, "the old girl".

News: The Brian May Mini May returns

The Brian May Mini May Red Special is back with a few new features. It could make a great Christmas gift for any Queen fan or traveling guitarist. 


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