J Rockett's Broverdrive

J Rockett Audio Designs announces the Broverdrive

“We wanted to make something that wasn’t another derivative of a tube amp in a box or another Tube Screamer copy”

J. Rockett Audio reveals the APE preamp

J.Rockett Audio has launched the APE, aiming to recreate an exact copy of the Echoplex preamp in order to hone your EP3 delay sound. “We...
Mr Moto J rockett audio design pedal

J Rockett Audio Design rolls out the Mr Moto

With this pedal, you’ve got a spring reverb and a tremolo in one.
J Rockett Archer Clean Color boost

J Rockett releases another Klon-inspired pedal

The new Archer Clean/Color Boost is, as its name suggests, a transparent boost that also lets you bump up the midrange.
J Rockett Audio Mark Lettieri Melody

Snarky Puppy’s Mark Lettieri has a signature drive pedal

Packing a six-band graphic equalizer, the J Rockett Audio Designs Melody EQ/Overdrive is versatile enough for any style of music.

J Rockett Tour Series Tranquilizer, Blue Note, Lenny & Hooligan review

They’re from the same stable as the award-winning Archer… but will these compact J Rockett pedals hit the bullseye?

Summer NAMM2016: J. Rockett Audio Designs debuts new .45 Caliber Overdrive pedal

#SummerNAMM2016: J. Rockett debuts the latest addition to its Tour Series, the .45 Caliber Overdrive. The voicing of the .45 is based on the sound of a cranked 1962 JTM 45. If that tickles your fancy then read on for the full spec and description…

Review: J Rockett Archer Ikon, ThorpyFX Peacekeeper & Wampler Tumnus

No pain, low gain? We dip into one of the most flooded areas of the market and tries three leading contenders…

J Rockett Audio Designs adds The Dude to its new Tour Series

J Rockett Audio Designs has announced The Dude as the latest addition to its new Tour Series.

J Rockett Audio Designs Boing Reverb review

After trying complex studio-type reverb effects, you may long for a simple one-knob spring reverb.


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