Rickenbacker is back with the limited-edition 480XC and 4005XC

Announced in celebration of the brand's 90th anniversary this year.

The Industry Interview: Rickenbacker CEO John Hall

Rickenbacker’s head honcho on partying with The Beatles, the guitar industry’s obsession with the past and the conservative business strategy that has ensured the brand’s survival.

Brian Setzer to launch official Reverb store stocked with rare guitars and amps

Listings include a prototype of Setzer’s signature Gretsch, a ‘63 Fender Bassman and a silver sparkle upright bass.

Rickenbacker guitars stops accepting orders from Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend

The manufacturer urged customers to reach out to “any other” Rickenbacker dealer.

Inside Carter Vintage Guitars, home of the first Spanish-neck electric guitar

Walter Carter talks us through some of the most impressive and interesting instruments in his beloved store, from a guitar played by Bo Diddley to the electric guitar that started a revolution...

An oral history of the Rickenbacker 12-string

Rickenbacker was not the first company with an electric 12, but when its models were taken up by The Beatles, The Byrds, and many more, the brand became synonymous with the big, bold jangle that this instrument could produce.

All About… Roger Rossmeisl

He worked for Gibson, Rickenbacker and Fender, and along the way, designed some of the most iconic guitars of the 50s and 60s.

Vintage Time Machines: ’57 Rickenbacker Combo 850

This early Ricky flagship is an extremely rare window into the rapidly evolving golden age of electric guitar.

Vintage Bench Test: 1960 Rickenbacker M-8 – Silver Service

We’re no strangers to retro Rickenbacker electrics and basses, but ancient Ricky amps are a great deal less common. We power up this small and affordable 1960 M-8 combo…