Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Your Board: Chris Cochran’s drive-heavy rig

A fine selection of OD and fuzz boxes occupy this reader's pedalboard.
Your Board Dave Lovallo

Your Board: Dave Lovallo’s LED-lit rig

Residing in Tempe, Arizona, our reader Dave Lovallo chats about his preferences for analogue pedals and a love for a certain JHS favourite.
ben hosking where the devil pedalboard

Your Board: Ben Hosking’s groovy metal rig

From Down Under, our reader Ben Hosking is chugging out his brand of "heavy groove" metal – check out the pedals he's using to get that tight tone.

The Money Shot: Fender Custom Shop Ron Thorn Masterbuilt Thinline Telecaster

Take a closer look at this beautiful axe commissioned by Coda Music.
jason caballa pedalboard

Your Board: Jason Caballa’s no-nonsense workhorse rig

Boutique overdrives and fuzz boxes occupy plenty of real estate on this 'board.
Gretsch G6120T Limited Edition ’59 Nashville Single-Cut

Rare Guitars: Gretsch G6120T Limited Edition ’59 Nashville Single-Cut

This Gretsch G6120T combines classic vintage specs and has a run of just 25.
musikmesse 2019 show floor

In Pictures: Highlights from Musikmesse 2019

Vintage Gibsons, celebrity gear, new modelling tech and more.
Guitar Masterclass Martin Miller and Tom Quayle hero

In Pictures: Martin Miller, Tom Quayle deliver fusion magic at the Masterclass

The virtuosos served up masterful performances and lifted the lid on a few tricks of their trade.
Costa Mesa Show Switchmaster and Firebird

In Pictures: The SoCal World Guitar Show

The SoCal World Guitar Show in Orange County in January exhibited some incredible vintage six-string eye candy, and none other than Joe Bonamassa was even showing off a few choice blonde Gibsons.
Bukka White Money Shot National Duolian hero

The Money Shot: Booker White’s 1933 National Duolian

A prized instrument steeped in blues history.

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