Saturday, August 17, 2019


In Pictures: New Fender guitars and pedals at Summer NAMM 2019

Check out the new Vintera Series, Custom Shop models and pedals.
Gretsch G2622TG-P90 Streamliner Center Block P-90 with Bigsby

In Pictures: New Gretsch guitars at Summer NAMM 2019

Electromatics, Custom Shop gems and more – all the new six-strings from Gretsch at Summer NAMM 2019.
gibson 2019 les pauls

In Pictures: New Gibson guitars at Summer NAMM 2019

Les Pauls, SGs and thinlines galore – all from Gibson's Summer NAMM 2019 booth.

Your Board: Andrew Bentley’s versatile rig for late-60s tones and beyond

This reader shares his fondness for UK-made gear, including a certain OD box sporting a radio mast decal.
Liam Jeffery's pedalboard top shot

Your Board: Liam Jeffery’s well-heeled classic rock pedalboard

Based in Birmingham, UK, this reader shares his fondness for big, robust sounds.
Mitchell Strauss pedalboard style shot against taylor guitar

Your Board: Mitchell Strauss’ rig for country blues

Residing in Iowa, this retired university professor has recently got into the pedal craze.
Kalamazoo KG-14 style shot

This Kalamazoo KG-14 is brimming with Dust Bowl tones and vintage mojo

Take a closer look at a stunning late-1930s example of the flat-top acoustic model made famous by Robert Johnson.

Tool, Slipknot and Slash star in our gallery from Download 2019

Def Leppard, The Smashing Pumpkins and Whitesnake also brought their A-game to the Donington Park stage.
Keith Pedalboard Top Zoomed Out

Your Board: Keith VVolf’s minimalist setup

Our reader Keith VVolf chats about his five-pedal discipline and an ongoing search for 'the' fuzz pedal.

Your Board: Chris Cochran’s drive-heavy rig

A fine selection of OD and fuzz boxes occupy this reader's pedalboard.

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