Saturday, September 21, 2019

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A history of CF Martin & Co, an American institution

How did one company founded by a German immigrant become an American icon and the world's preeminent maker of acoustic guitars?

The Ultimate Guide To Strat Tone

Whether you’re shopping for your first Strat or looking to breathe new life into an old favourite, when it comes to killer Strat tone, we have the answers. It’s time to turn on, tune in and rock out…

Fix Your Guitar: Our 10-step Survival Guide

Step this way as Huw Price shows you how to perform all kinds of routine repairs that’ll make a trip to the luthier a thing of the past…

All About… Tadeo Gomez

Fender’s greatest-ever neck carver was an orphaned migrant worker who walked a thousand miles to get to America.

The history of Gretsch Anniversary models

As Gretsch Guitars celebrates its 135th anniversary in style, we chart the history of one of the company’s most famous electric date-markers: the Anniversary model.

All About… Ted McCarty

Ted McCarty was arguably the most influential CEO of any guitar company, and he designed more iconic hardware and guitars than pretty much anyone else.

All About… Freddie Tavares

Musician, inventor and a huge figure in Fender’s history. We celebrate the life and times of Leo’s greatest sideman…

All About… Ray Butts

If Ray Butts was still around, he’d be the embodiment of boutique. Huw Price profiles a man ahead of his time…

How to choose and buy an electric guitar

A beginner’s guide to picking your first electric six-string—what to look out for, what to ignore and everything in-between.

The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Les Paul Tone

We find out precisely what makes golden-era Les Pauls tick and explain how you too can taste the tone fantastic without breaking the bank.

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