Black Friday guitar deals 2023: our hand-picked guitar deals that are STILL live

Here’s everything you need to know to grab the best deals on guitars, effects and amps this Cyber Weekend.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be over, but that doesn’t mean an end to the sales, and in many cases the discounts will continue to be valid for another day or two at various retailers across the world.

This might be the last chance you get to save serious wedge on a new amplifier, pedal or guitar – and with the holiday season right around the corner, it’s also a great time to pick up some gifts for the musicians in your life – or indeed, for the musician that is you. Let’s take a look at what’s still live.

So, whether you’re looking to save money, expand your collection, or buy that dream guitar you’ve been eyeing all year, Black Friday deals are something every guitarist should look forward to. We’ve created this one-stop-shop to cover all of the best deals you can find across the biggest and best guitar retailers – be sure to stop by here before digging out your card details.

Black Friday Guitar Deals: At A Glance

USA Black Friday Guitar Deals

UK Black FridayGuitar Deals

Editor’s Picks

Gibson ES-335Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 VOS edition £4,189 – save £1,312

This Gibson 1964 ES-335 Reissue has been reduced by 24%. And given the guitar’s normally priced at £5501, the saving of almost a quarter means that £1,300 has been taken off the price – enough to buy another Gibson! The instrument could well be your “forever guitar”, with utterly top-of-the-line construction, hardware and electronics.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V Flame Top $2,499 – save $700

A Gibson Les Paul with upgraded hardware and conveniences for the modern player, and with a stunning flamed maple top… for less than two and a half grand? That my friends is a deal and a half. In addition to the stunning top, the Pro V also offers Grover rotomatic tuners, an asymmetrical neck carve for ultimate playability, and even coil-split TradBucker pickups. Your forever guitar just got a lot more attainable.

PRS SE Silver Sky $679 – save $170

John Mayer’s affordable signature model is already a bargain with tone, build and playability that puts a lot of US guitars to shame, but now you can save a whopping $170 on the retail price of the rosewood-board model (including in the very lovely Stone Blue finish) at Guitar Center.

Universal Audio Ox $1,199 – save $300

Universal Audio’s revolutionary amp-top reactive load box has changed the game when it comes to playing and recording at home – giving guitarists the chance to use their giant valve amps at bedroom-quiet levels, and also transforming the way we record thanks to the Ox’s innovative mic’ing emulation. You probably know all this anyway, but a $300 saving makes this pricey addition to your home set-up even more compelling.

JCM 900Marshall JCM900 $1,999.99 – save $1,000

Need to get loud? A 100-watt Marshall will always have you covered in that regard. And right now there’s and obscene $1,000 saving to be had at zZounds.

Universal Audio Dream ’65 $319 – save $80

Amps are boring right? Nobody uses an actual amp in 2023 – we’ve all seen Instagram, pedalboard amps are the future! In all seriousness though, amp pedals offer a wealth of advantages over a traditional box with a speaker in, and UA’s Dream – a studio-quality recreation of a Fender 1965 Deluxe Reverb – might be the very best of the bunch. These things don’t get reduced often however, so jump on this 20% saving at Zzounds while you can!

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV £862 – save £187
Do we really need to tell you why you should be interested in a serious saving on the world’s most popular gigging amp? Well, we’re going to anyway – there’s a reason why everyone buys one of these lovely 1×12 40-watt combos and it’s not just because they look timelessly cool – with great sounds, loads of power when you need it, and rugged reliability, there’s a reason you can’t walk into a jam night without seeing at least one.


D’Angelico Tour Excel DC £711 – save £529
We thought D’Angelico’s stripped-down, road-ready tour series guitars were very impressive when we reviewed them earlier this year, and now you can snag this wonderful Solid Wine Red semi-hollow for nearly 40% off as Cyber Weekend comes to a close at Thomann.

Positive Grid Spark GO £99 – save £30

Positive Grid’s smallest smart amp yet is already a bargain even at full retail, but with nearly a quarter off the list price here there’s really no excuse to not have this one in your gigbag.

Electric Guitar Deals

Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro IV Limited-Edition $359 – save $150

Epiphone’s Limited Edition line of Les Pauls has a venerable history of bringing premium additions to an affordable package, and this Traditional Pro IV is no different, sporting push-pull coil-splitting volume controls, a treble bleed circuit, and locking tuners. In this worn gold finish it looks every bit the classic Les Paul too.

Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster $319 – save $110

Let’s face it, everyone’s life would be improved by the addition of Surf Green Jazzmaster. This one from Squier is an absolute steal with over a hundred bucks off the list price, and for that you even get the connoisseurs choice tortie pickguard and a Mustang bridge to save you modding it yourself.

PRS SE Hollowbody Standard $823 – save $206

One of the most versatile guitars in PRS’s range gets the SE treatment, and at this price you’re getting a LOT of guitar for the money – including a pair of high-quality PRS humbuckers, push-pull tone control and of course that stunning 3-ply laminate semi-hollow body.

Fender Ltd Edition Cory Wong Stratocaster £1,910 – save £539

If you’re a fan of Vulfpeck rhythm monster Cory Wong you’ll already want a piece of this lovely limited edition USA Fender. If you’re not, well forget about the name on the headstock and check out this beautiful Daphne Blue Strat with funk-ready custom pickups and a sparkly pickguard. Classic looks, modern feel – all for less than two grand.

Ibanez GRGR221PA-AQB £219 – save £70

Time was entry-level electric guitars looked boring and played badly – this guitar from Ibanez’s well-respected GIO series is neither of those things. With a slinky fast neck, twin humbuckers and stunning aqua burst finish, it’s a guitar designed to stand out, and it’s 23% off at Amazon UK.

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Acoustic Guitar Deals

Martin Special Dreadnought Cutaway 11E $979 – save $170

The Special Dreadnought is one of the most affordable ways to get yourself a bona fide Martin instrument, and with its cutaway and Fishman Sonitone electronics this example is a versataile beast too.

Martin 000-10E Sapele £832 – save £117

There’s something about the vibe of an all-mahogany Martin 000 – or in this-case an all-sapele Martin 000. It’s got a different look and tone to a classic spruce/rosewood ensemble, but that’s the point – there’s a reason generations of songwriters have been charmed by these instruments, and now you can save over £100 on this all-solid guitar.


Fender California Newporter Player $349 – save $100

Fender’s oft-forgotten history of acoustic guitar making has been revived in recent years and this Newporter typifies exactly what makes Fender acoustics different. From the classic Fender headstock to the lush Ocean Teal Satin finish – this is a different kind of strummer.

Taylor Academy 10 £544 – save £135

Taylor’s Academy range is the most affordable and accessible route to a full-sized Taylor acoustic guitar, stripping the acoustic guitar design back to the most important essentials – a guitar with great sound, playability and build quality. The dreadnought-sized 10 model is aimed at the new guitarist and features various appointments designed to ease them into acoustic playing, including a shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length, 1-11/16-inch nut width and even a forearm chamfer.

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Effects Pedal Deals

Boss GT-1000 $899.99 – save $200

Multi-effects are a great way to centralise all your tone-shaping tools in one simple and easily programmable package, and the GT-1000 remains one of the best on the market thanks to Boss’s premium AIRD tech giving its best ever amp model tones. Saving a whopping 18% on the list price, this one is a serious bargain.

Walrus Audio Fable $239.99 – save $60

One of the newest pedals in Walrus’s impressive arsenal, the Fable is a soundscapers dream – featureing reverse delay, glitchy sounds, and octaves that enable you to create some truly new sounds.

Wampler Tumnus $127.47 – save $22.50

The guitar world is not short of a klone or two, but for those in the know, Brian Wampler’s take on the classic Centaur formula might be the very best out there.

Fender Mirror Image Delay £84 – save £64

Fender’s recent entry into the effects world has been well-recieved across the board, and this is a killer deal from PMT on what is a very fully featured delay, offering analog, digital and tape echo emulations.

Boss DS-1W $99 – save $50

The Waza Craft version of Boss’s most iconic pedal manages to do something really impressive – it takes something that’s ubiquoitous and makes it exciting again. And at a third off, you’d be mad not to give it a go.

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Guitar Amp Deals

Marshall JCM900 $1,999.99 – save $1,000

Mesa/Boogie Mark V: 25 1×10 $1,839.20 –  save $459.80

Mesa/Boogie’s legendary Mark series amps have been the secret weapon of pro guitarists for decades – especially in the heavy world where everyone from Hetfield to Petrucci have used them. The Mark V 25 offers a huge amount of sonic versatility in a relatively polite package.

Friedman Be MiniFriedman BE-MINI 30W $212.49 – save $37.50

This amp is just a little guy, but don’t be deceived: there’s still 30 watts of Marshall-inspired punch being packed here. It’s already an affordable prospect, but here’s your chance to get it for just under $213!

Positive Grid Spark Mini $199 – save $30

This might not be quite as big a discount as the GO (see above), but you’re getting a lot more amp for a decent saving, and you should believe the hype. With its passive radiator and dual speakers, this thing sounds huge, and is portable with it.

Fender Tone Master Twin ReverbFender Tone Master Twin Reverb £1,028 – save £181

Fender’s Tone Master range is a masterful implementation of digital modelling into a more traditional form factor. Thanks to the approach, this amp is much lighter than a tube-fed Twin Reverb, and thanks to Black Friday you save nearly 200 quid.

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Bass Guitar Deals

Fender Aerodyne Special Jazz Bass £989 – save £360

Released earlier this year, this made-in-Japan take on a J-bass strips away all the adornements of a regular Jazz and leaves us with an ultra-cool sleek design that features a pair of Aerodyne Special single-coil pickups, a Babicz FCH bridge and a suitably retro chocolate burst finish – it’s giving serious Jaco Pastorius vibes.

Squier Classic Vibe 60s Precision Bass $349 – save $100

This Limited Edition version of Squier’s well-respected Classic Vibe P-Bass comes in truly gorgeous Sonic Blue finish and is inspired by the classic Precisions of the 1960s, with appropriately voiced pickups and even a nicely vintage-tinted neck to add to the retro vibes.

Ampeg RB-115 Rocket Bass Combo $529.99 – save $30

Going direct is boring! If you wanna sound your best, you gotta have something big and bassy flapping your trousers, and this 200-watt 1×15 combo from respect bass amp institution Ampeg is certainly going to bring the thump when you need it.

Guitar Accessory Deals

Snark Super Snark Air $19.99 – save $20

Tuners might not be the most exciting thing to spend your money on, but that’s why it makes sense to buy one on sale, right? This Super Snark Air offers great accuracy and battery life and it’s an absolute steal at half price.

Peterson StroboStomp LE £129 – save £60

Peterson’s venerable strobe tuner has been the benchmark for tuning accuracy for years now, but this deal offers the chance to save on a special anniversary edition of the StroboStomp – complete with a unique gold finish with a special gold display colour option and a special gold braided micro USB cable.

Xvive T9 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor Earphones $160.65 –  save $28.35

On-stage volume is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and for many guitarists the best way to ensure that you’re still able to really lose yourself in a set is to pop in a set of in-ear monitors and get everything you want in your ears without any of the stuff you don’t. These Xvive units are a great way of getting into the IEM game with a good mix of comfort and sound quality.

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Black Friday 2023: Everything guitarists need to know

Black Friday is the perfect time to invest in a new guitar or expand your pedalboard, or even start your musical journey. Retailers offer substantial discounts on a wide range of products, from guitars and amplifiers to pedals and accessories, meaning you can often find high-quality equipment at a fraction of the original price.

When is Cyber Monday?

2023 Cyber Monday is today, 27 November! And until the deals are over, this is your go-to destination for all the info you could need on the best deals available out there.

What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days in the United States. They take place on the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, respectively. Some say that the term Black Friday was first used by Philadelphia police officers in the 1960s to describe the chaos and traffic caused by shoppers and tourists who came to the city for the holiday weekend. But another explanation for the name is that it’s the day that retailers would go from making a loss to making a profit – from being ‘in the red’ to ‘in the black’.

The term Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 to describe the trend of online shopping that spiked on the Monday after Thanksgiving. For a long time, it was a more online-focused day of deals, but now Black Friday is as much as about online deals as is it is high-street chaos.

Both days offer huge discounts and promotions for consumers, who spend billions of dollars on various products and services. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become global phenomena, as online retailers around the world participate in these events.

Which retailers will be offering deals on guitar gear this Black Friday?

You can expect all the major guitar retailers to offer some hefty discounts today– here are the ones you should keep an eye on:

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