NAMM 2020: HeadRush launches the Expression Pedal

To accompany your HeadRush Gigboard, Looperboard or Pedalboard.

The HeadRush Expression Pedal

Image: HeadRush

NAMM 2020: HeadRush has announced the HeadRush Expression Pedal, designed for use with the HeadRush Gigboard, Looperboard or Pedalboard.

Because the pedal has been specifically designed for these products, it can integrate smoothly with their working – for users of the HeadRush Gigboard, the expression pedal effectively expands it into the HeadRush Pedalboard, which comes with a built-in expression pedal. And if you do use the HeadRush Pedalboard, its own expression pedal functions independently to the new external Expression Pedal – allowing for full control of two different expression parameters, no switching required. The Expression Pedal’s built-in toe switch also allows for FX Blocks to be bypassed without stepping off the pedal, and and

The HeadRush Expression Pedal comes in a die-cast aluminium housing, with a griptape surface on the rocker to avoid any foot slippage. The 10Kohm pot is linear, providing accurate and consistent expression. The tension of the rocker can also be adjusted using a standard hex key.

Walter Skorupski, Product Manager for HeadrRush, says of its introduction: “the HeadRush Expression Pedal is the result of very careful design and extremely close attention to detail – the kind of design care not normally expected for a ‘simple’ product like a pedal. That extra effort has resulted in a winning trifecta of ultra-precise control, heavy-duty construction and looks that absolutely kill.”

Watch HeadRush’s introductory video below:

The HeadRush Expression Pedal lists for $149, and is available now. More information at For all that we know about NAMM 2020, check out our rundown here.


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