Joyo Launches the Baatsin, collecting eight overdrives in one enclosure

Want a lot of options, but need to save some space?

Joyo, in addition to recently launching the XVI octave pedal, has announced the Baatsin overdrive, another entry into its R-series.

The pedal sports a slightly larger footprint than most of the series, but not without reason – a whopping eight overdrive circuits are included in the pedal, all accessible via rotary selector switch. Fittingly enough, the name of the pedal apparently comes from a Chinese legend about eight immortal Taoist warrior gods. The overdrive options available are:

T.OD – emulating a transparent Timmy-style overdrive


Sweety – a low gain overdrive pedal, designed to push already distorted amps over the edge or give clean amps a bit more bite.

B Boost – a mostly clean boost that begins to break up at higher gain.

T808 – A TS808-style drive with the characteristic mid boost and tube-screamer voice.

OverDrive 1 – Joyo describes this as a classic from 1977, found in a yellow enclosure. Expect, therefore, something in the line of the Boss OD-1 overdrive

Crunchy – Beginning to approach a British-style amp channel drive sound.

Rioter – The highest-gain option, emulating a cranked 100-watt amplifier.


OC Drive – A Fulltone OCD-styled overdrive.

These are all controlled by master volume, gain and tone knobs. Like all of the R-series pedals, the Baatsin sports some futuristic lighting effects via both a light on the pedal’s face and an acrylic rim between the two parts of the enclosure.

The pedal lists for £64. Find out more at For more gear news, click here.