Seven April Fools’ gear pranks in 2019

Check out these curveball ‘creations’ from Suhr, Keeley, Marshall and more.

Keeley Boss Mod April Fools
Image: Official Keeley Electronics Instagram

The first of April often comes with a healthy dose of good-natured ribbing, and it’s no surprise that some of the brains behind our favourite gear come up with some of the most dastardly pranks. Here are seven of the best from this year:

3Marshall’s Invisi-series

Taking the term “transparent” tone to a whole new level, Marshall’s new Invisi-series amps promise to give you that classic 4×12 tone in full, unadulterated form.

4Walrus Audio PGC

Walrus Audio has released the Potentiator Grouping Chord (PGC), a nifty elastic band that’ll let you tweak all pedal parameters at the same time.

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*Announcement* The #WalrusPGC is here. Who needs one? Or 25?

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6Solar’s half guitar

If you’re all about the djent, then Solar’s latest innovation is right up your alley. Like it reads on the tin, the 1/2 V2.6 LN is half of Solar’s popular V2.6 model – specifically, the low-end half. It only has three strings – E, A and D – but it’ll satisfy all your chugging needs.

7Download Festival All-black Twister

Download Festival Twister edition

Download Festival has followed up its custom Monopoly set with a rock-themed version of Twister. The mat’s familiar red, blue, yellow and green circles have been replaced by all-black ones and paw prints from the festival’s mascot, Download Dog, also feature. A must-have for any true rock fan.

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