Producer Tom Werman says Mick Mars was his “favourite” Mötley Crüe member: “The other three are somewhat different”

“He’s a good guy… He’s a very decent person.”

Ex-Mötley Crüe producer Tom Werman has opened up about his relationship with the band’s former guitarist Mick Mars, whom he calls his “favourite guy” out of all the members.

Discussing Mars’ ongoing legal dispute with his bandmates on The Chuck Shute Podcast, Werman says [via Blabbermouth]: “Well, [it’s] three against one. I really don’t know, but Nikki [Sixx] and Tommy [Lee], I think, have the lion’s share of the interest in the band, the financial interest.”

The producer adds that while he’s on the guitarist’s side, he isn’t in a place to be making judgements as he doesn’t have all the facts.

“Mick was my favourite guy. We really got along and worked very well together,” he says. “He’s a good guy… He’s a very decent person. The other three are somewhat different. Not that they’re that much worse, but their behaviour and track record is not what Mick’s is.”

“I’m in his corner, but I really don’t know the facts, so I shouldn’t really make any judgement.”

That said, Werman has recently called out Nikki Sixx for allegedly writing “pretty fictitious bullshit” in his memoirs.

“Nikki slagged me in The Heroin Diaries,” the producer said in an interview with Stefan Adika. “Nothing he said I agreed with. We both recalled things differently. He said he wound up producing most of Vince’s [Neil] vocals. Not true. Other things like that.”

He continues, saying that Sixx claimed he was on the phone “all the time”, asking why they didn’t fire him if he was really “that bad”, before concluding, “The Heroin Diaries specifically was probably subject to inaccuracy because it was written by a guy who was on heroin. It figures.”

In other news, Tom Werman recently described Twisted Sister as “among the least proficient musicians” he’s had the pleasure of working with.

Of the many hits he’s produced, Werman cites one of Twisted Sister songs [on 1984’s Stay Hungry] as one of the most challenging tracks he’s worked on, saying the team “struggled for three days” to get a “decent rhythm guitar sound”.

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