Walrus Audio launches DEFCON4 with Ryan Adams

No cause for alarm—it’s a preamp/EQ/boost stompbox.

Walrus Audio, in collaboration with Ryan Adams, has unveiled its latest pedal: a utility device with EQ and boost controls, named the DEFCON4.

While the new pedal lends tone tweakability with EQ and boost controls, it’s also touted to act as a “Strat fixer.” Standardizing your tone when switching between single-coils and humbuckers during a set will, Walrus claims, only require a few twists of the five-way rotary EQ dials on the pedal.

There are three such rotary knobs on the face plate, labeled “IV,” “III” and “II,” which control lows, mids, and highs, respectively. Working in tandem with these knobs are toggle switches that offer the option of bypassing the corresponding frequency band completely.

The only other control is the “Launch” switch, which summons a meaty ten dB of MOSFET boost when engaged.

If you ever held doubts about Adams’ retromania, this pedal will crush it. The DEFCON4’s design is an ode to the 1983 movie, WarGames. About the quirky layout, the 43-year-old guitarist said: “I want this to look like someone from the ’80s was pushing the technology they had available at the time.”

Listen to the pedal in a jam session here:

Lists for $299. More information at walrusaudio.com.


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