NAMM 2023: The EHX Lizard Queen designed by Josh Scott is now available, for real

Literally a pedal nerd’s dream turned reality.

NAMM 2023: Electro-Harmonix has made the Lizard Queen octave fuzz a (buyable) reality a year after Josh Scott dreamed up, DIY-ed and geeked out over the pedal on his JHS Show.

First featured in JHS Pedals’ “Making a Vintage Electro-Harmonix Pedal!” episode of the JHS Show, the Lizard Queen is a love letter to 70s era Electro-Harmonix by way of a pedal designed by Scott and Daniel Danger to look and feel like a missing link from EHX’s past.

In its current form, the Lizard Queen is a nano-sized version of Scott’s 70s-style big box prototype, though EHX promises that the pedal retains all the tones and vibes of the original circuit.

In addition to a volume knob, the pedal has a Octave control for you to blend in as much as you want, and a Balance control that veers between the smoother Shadow setting and a raspy Sun setting. It even sounds great for bass guitars, as Tom Burda from EHX demonstrates.

The EHX Lizard Queen also features true bypass switching, comes equipped with a 9 Volt battery and accepts a standard EHX 9 Volt power supply.

It is available now for $99.

Learn more at ehx.com


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