Watch: Get the most out of your overdrive pedal with the help of the BOSS SD-1

Overdrive is the most common and beloved guitar effect, but do you really know what all those knobs do? We’ll show you how with the help of an all-time classic pedal, BOSS’s SD-1 Super Overdrive

An introduction to alternate tunings: CGDGCD, CGD#FA#D and Hejira Tuning

In the first instalment in this series we looked at drop D, D major and DADGAD. This time, we’re digging deeper into the world of tunings for acoustic guitar, beginning with the mighty Csus2 or Orkney tuning.

My Guitar Story: Josh Smith’s new Ibanez signature, the Flat V1

The seasoned session guitarist breaks down the inspiration and R&D behind his undeniably cool new signature model, the Ibanez Flat V1, equipped with his signature Seymour Duncan pickups and some tasteful appointments