Jim Root

The Guitar Interview: Jim Root on Slipknot, Jazzmasters and standing shoulder to shoulder with his heroes

Known as #4, Jim Root has formed half of Slipknot’s brutal six-string assault for 20 years. As he steps into the rarified air of his fourth signature model with Fender, we talk classic designs, playing with lightsabres and why he still finds guitar solos stressful.

Fender launches the Jim Root Jazzmaster V4

Aiming to capture Root’s signature speed and aggression.

First look: Fender Tom Morello Soul Power Strat, plus Eric Johnson and Jim Root signatures

Announcing the Eric Johnson Virginia Stratocaster, Jim Root Jazzmaster V4 and Tom Morello Soul Power Stratocaster.

Watch: Jim Root gives a rundown of his touring rig

Slipknot’s #4 highlights his favoured amps and axes.

EMG teases new Jim Root signature Fender Jazzmaster

Featuring the Slipknot man’s long-anticipated EMG signature pickups.

NAMM 2016: Orange – Tiny Terror The Documentary

Orange has just released their Tiny Terror The Documentary Featuring Dave Catching And Jesse Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal), Jim Root (Slipknot) And More.