Huw Baines

Introducing… Diet Cig: The frenetic two-piece shaking up the pop-punk landscape

As their second album looks set to catapult them into the mainstream, we talk to guitarist Alex Luciano about finding the right balance, “excessive” guitars, and why she’s thriving, thanks for asking.

“It’s kind of an accident and that speaks to the way we did things as kids”: punk legend Brian Baker on his new band,...

When you’re an elder statesman of punk rock, founding member of Minor Threat and guitarist in Bad Religion, what motivates you to keep starting new bands well into your fifties? For Brian Baker, Fake Names was born out of the simple desire to hang out with his friends.

“There’s no flash – play hard or don’t play at all”: The White Buffalo on his direct approach to guitar

For his sixth studio album as The White Buffalo, Jake Smith focused on feel and mood, letting his “primitive” playing and distinctive baritone do the work. But first he had to get hammered with Shooter Jennings.

“To play acoustic guitar and front a band is my idea of slow torture”: Gavin Rossdale on why Bush have embraced metal

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale on getting into the Octagon, why new album The Kingdom sees the band still asking questions after almost 30 years together, and why he’s always the one bringing the chaos.

“If you’re not going to kick down the door, why go into the room?”: Larkin Poe on new album Self Made Man

As Larkin Poe return with their most kinetic and powerful album to date, we sit down with Rebecca and Megan Lovell to talk meltdowns, kicking down doors, and remaining optimistic in trying times.

“We found a way to get it all out there”: Code Orange on finding guitar nirvana

Reba Meyers and Dominic Landolina on Strats, riffs and putting it all together on Code Orange’s brutal new album Underneath.

“I wanted to be able to do things I couldn’t do”: Brian Fallon on taking guitar lessons again

The guitarist and songwriter talks abandoning pyrotechnics, raising his guitar strap, and why he’s never been afraid to ask for directions.

Kvelertak’s Vidar Landa on embracing air guitar, discord and moving out of his guitar comfort zone

The Norwegian guitarist explains why old-new gear and getting intimate in the studio birthed the band’s kinetic new album, Splid.

“My goal with riffs has always been groove”: Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton on their first record in half a decade

The metal veteran talks playing off against his co-guitarist Willie Adler, and the quest to find “the ultimate groove-thrash metal riff.”

How Wolf Parade have found their feet as a modern trio

The Montreal indie-rockers on the evolution the band has undergone since they reformed in 2016, working out a much-changed music industry, and embracing their limitations on new LP, Thin Mind.