Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has a teleprompter on stage to help him remember Beatles songs

When his memories lose their meaning, technology comes to the rescue.

Reverb partners with Paul McCartney, Amy Lee, John Legend and more to help fund youth music education

The One Mic Reverb store will sell microphones used and signed by music legends, with proceeds going to 10 different programs.

Paul McCartney says he “often” mentally consults John Lennon when writing songs

“What would he think of this? What would he say now?”

Macca on whether McCartney III will be his last album: “When we did Abbey Road I was dead, so everything else is a bonus”

Like with McCartney I and III, sudden free time on the former Beatles' hands led to the new record.

Paul McCartney hints at the release of McCartney III

It’ll complete a trilogy first started in 1970.

Paul McCartney still uses the ‘Little Green Amp’ he bought when he was 14

The Elpico A55 was also the amplifier on the Kinks’ You Really Got Me

Paul McCartney releases previously unheard, cosy version of Calico Skies

Taken from the upcoming deluxe reissue of Flaming Pie.

Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and more to perform at Ringo Starr’s 80th birthday charity show

The event will benefit Black Lives Matter, MusiCare, the David Lynch Foundation and WaterAid.