Josh Gardner

How the hidden costs of climate change drove a guitarist to record on the peak of one of Catalonia’s tallest mountains

Soul Mountain guitarist Jordi Mestre Lopez has won fans around the world by scaling majestic landscapes to record music inspired by his surroundings, but his latest and most difficult expedition yet was undertaken to raise awareness of a serious environmental issue caused by rising temperatures.

“No one knew who I was, and then all of a sudden I’m sat next to Billie Eilish”: How Yola conquered the music industry

A whirlwind two years has catapulted Yola from obscurity to the top table of the Grammys. Now on the back of another critically acclaimed album, she’s turning to the silver screen to portray one of the most important figures in the history of electric guitar, and she’s not going to be needing any hand doubles to do it.

“I’ve never even scratched the surface of the guitar’s potential”: Steve Vai on why new album Inviolate pushed him out of his comfort zone

There’s an argument that nobody has done more to push the boundaries of what guitar is capable of in the last 40 years than Steve Vai. But despite his name being a byword for virtuosity, the guitarist refuses to rest on his laurels. We caught up with the man himself to talk surgery, embracing what is, designing insane triple-necked guitars with Ibanez, and why one of Inviolate’s solos pushed him so far out of his comfort zone he might never be able to top it.

“I believe that the electric guitar has a future and not just a past” Tom Morello on embracing change on The Atlas Underground Flood

The Rage Against The Machine legend tells us why he’s happy to embrace his pop side, how his latest album demonstrates that the creative potential of the guitar is undimmed, and why he recorded his guitar parts on a voice memo.

“I’m discovering who I am as a guitarist” Alt-J’s Joe Newman on embracing his instrument, and why The Dream is going to be their...

As the British indie-rock titans prepare to share their long-awaited fourth album, we caught up with guitarist Joe Newman to talk Acoustasonics, Custom Shop Teles, going down YouTube rabbitholes, and why it took lockdown to help him feel comfortable calling himself a guitarist.