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“I have to be the best custodian of the brand I can be”: Cesar Gueikian on the past and future of Gibson

Gibson’s CMO on Slash, Iommi, the positives and pitfalls of social media, and why he’s learning from past mistakes to help the brand to a brighter and more exciting future.

Slash tells us about his Gibson Collection, playing with his friends and the new GN’R album

The Cat In The Hat talks developing the new range, his relationship with Gibson, and how the dynamic of the company has changed since it emerged from bankruptcy.

NAMM 2020 Video: Martin’s radical new SC-13E bridges the boundaries between electric and acoustic

A revolutionary guitar designed for experimental and boundary-pushing players.

“Chuck Berry lived to play live music. It was his absolute joy”: Charles Berry Jr on his father’s guitars, music and legacy

The guitar icon’s son and one-time rhythm guitarist on Gibson’s first-ever Chuck Berry signature model, his memories of playing and growing up with a musical icon, and his proudest moment being in the studio with him.

“The guitar is wide open as a creative tool”: Fender’s Justin Norvell on the future of the instrument

Fender’s VP of Product looks back at the evolution of guitar gear over the last 10 years, the explosion of high-end digital and what he sees for the future of the instrument.

Walrus Audio’s Colt Westbrook on the future of pedals: “Pedals can keep getting smaller, but boots will always be huge”

Walrus Audio are renowned for unique and innovative effects: but what is the future for boutique pedals?

Marshall’s Luke Green on the future of amps: “There’s still a way to go before the feeling of a valve amp can be faithfully...

The Product Director for the world’s most famous amp brand on the trends and innovations that will fuel the evolution guitar sound into the next decade.

Paul Reed Smith on the future of guitar: “Every time I think we know enough, something else happens that empties our cup”

In an exclusive interview, the PRS main man looks back at the last decade of gear innovation and gives his thoughts on what the 2020s might hold for guitar.

“We always knew that we didn’t want to sound like anybody else”: Andy Summers on The Police

The Police guitarist talks designing his brand-new signature Monochrome Strat, discovering his love of effects pedals, and why he sold Eric Clapton his Les Paul.

How to record acoustic guitars like a pro

Nashville session ace Jerry McPherson and Grammy-winning producer Jacquire King team up to show you how to make your acoustic guitars sound better than ever.