Tuesday, October 15, 2019


marshall origin 20c

Gear of the Year 2018: Best affordable electric guitar amplifiers

If you need a proper amp in your life, whether as a gigging sidekick or studio stalwart, this sub-£1,000 quintet will see you right.
Earthquaker devices westwood

Gear of the Year 2018: Best premium pedals

Modern boutique pedal makers have knocked it out of the park in 2018. Here are eight of the best.
fender the pelt

Gear of the Year 2018: Best affordable pedals

The stompbox is one of the easiest ways to take your tone to new places – and a lot of fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash.
Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce V-Class

Gear of the Year 2018: Best premium acoustic guitars

Introducing the finest acoustic guitars, released over the past 12 months, that money can buy.
Eastman E1d

Gear of the Year 2018: Best affordable acoustic guitars

Having a good-quality affordable acoustic in the house is essential. Here are our picks of 2018's best boxes.
Universal Audio Ox

Gear of the Year 2018: Best accessories and studio gear

From studio tools to actual tools, you might not 'play' these, but one way or another, they'll all make you play guitar more.
Orange Terror amp head bass

Gear of the Year 2018: Best bass gear

From portable heads and powerful combos, to classics reborn and new brands explored, it's been another great year for four-string fun.
Jonathan wilson

Best guitar albums of 2018

2018 was another fantastic year for guitar music, with hot new acts and returning veterans all bringing their A game.

Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Accessory

From pickups to tuners, plectrums to practice amps, we all need those little extra bits of gear that help us sound better, play better, or simply play more – here are our picks for the year.

Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Bass Product

When it comes to taking things down low, sometimes all we need is the classics, but that hasn’t stopped some brands getting inventive with their bass gear in 2017…

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